Promoting Numeracy and Literacy Proficiency among African Kids

According to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Bank, 89% of Sub-Saharan Kids cannot read and understand by the age of 10.

Our solution:

Esoma Kids is in an effort to create positive change in foundational literacy and numeracy using a competency-based approach.


Esoma Kids Fosters a Foundation for Lifelong Learning
Foundational literacy and numeracy by age 10 are crucial, forming the bedrock for lifelong learning. These skills enhance cognitive development, empower critical thinking, and pave the way for academic success, fostering a strong educational foundation essential for future achievements.
What We Offer

Interactive Learning

Immersing the learner in interactive learning that ignites curiosity, and hones skills through engaging questions, stories, quizzes, and multimedia for a delightful educational journey

Digital Personalized Learning

Empowering students to unlock their potential with personalized learning paths that utilize data-driven feedback on weak and strong areas, culminating in detailed reports that highlight progress and achievements.

Gamified Learning Journey

Learners will be engaged in an intriguing Zoo Game throughout their learning journey, which is tied on their learning achievements on the platform. The game fosters agency, accountability, responsibility, care and consistency in the young minds.

Unleash your child's curiosity and love for learning.

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